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Computerised Hair Pro


Let us give you a virtual hairstyle makeover!

Get results, without going to a salon.

The future has arrived! For just a tiny fraction of the cost of experimenting with different hairstyles in the "real world", you can see yourself as you really will look, in nearly any hairstyle you can think of.


Computerized hair imaging technology enables you to see how you would look in any hair style, hair color or fantasy hair style. This is a great way to try on a variety of hair styles, without risk, and know the style you select will look great.  


Each hair style has been professionally photographed and digitally enhanced for computer hair imaging, providing the most lifelike hair style images possible. I can digitally cut hair, change hair color, lengthen and modify each of the hair styles, providing an infinite number of hair styles. 


Your photograph will be digitized with a high-tech JVC video imaging camera and each hair style is custom fitted to your face shape. The Targa graphics system enables me to get an exact fit of the selected hairstyle to your image for a custom look.